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Pegasus Property Development Tour; so what is it all about? It’s simple.

We are an active property development company based in Stoke-on-Trent. Nick Leatherland and John Colclough the directors of Pegasus Property are both property investors. Pegasus Property was formed in February 2016, and serves a wide range of clientele from around the world who want to invest in property. Nick and John have renovated over 30 projects in 21 months, 25 of which were sourced (found property for clients to buy) with a combined GDV of 8 million pounds. Pegasus then renovate the properties using multiple building teams which totals over 50 builders. The properties are then funnelled into Pegasus Lettings, so that Pegasus Property can ensure the properties are well looked after, and the clients interests are kept protected by keeping everything in house. This is essentially a turn key, ‘ready to go’ investment solution.

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What is the day made up of?

So what does the tour consist of? It’s simple, we look at lots of properties that are being renovated through various stages from week 1 of the renovation to being finished!

  • We meet for coffee as a designated location in Stoke-on-Trent, we have a 30 minute meet and greet, followed by a 30 minute long presentation where Nick and John will discuss the projects that you will be looking at that day.
  • After the presentation we will have 30 minutes of questions and answers.
  • We will then get into the Pegasus Bus and drive around the city looking at all the different projects.
  • We will stop for lunch and then continue the afternoon with more project tours. At each project site Nick and John will explain in more detail about that project and will also take questions and answers.
  • At the end of the tour you will be taken back to your car, and if you wish to come for an evening meal with the Pegasus Team you are more then welcome to.

What will I learn?

The property industry is full of courses ran by people that teach outdated information, who themselves haven’t invested or developed property for years. Courses that give you no real value, and only exist to extract your money from you. Pegasus Property are here to stop that, giving you real useful information and content from two property developers who are active property investors themselves.

We will cover content such as:

  • How to source a property

  • How to do planning

  • Design aspects of a project

  • Project managing a property

  • Systematised approach to property management

  • Getting the property ready for letting

  • Having the best property in your area

  • Set yourself a part from the competition!

What does it cost, and what do I get for my money?

The price of a 1 on 1 ticket is £997, or £1447 if with a business partner. Training is 1 on 1! So it’ll just be you (plus your business partner), Nick Leatherland and John Colclough, and it can be whatever date you choose! We also do group tour days, the next group tour date is at the very top of this page, and the price is £297 for one person or £497 if you and a business partner. Book your place using the forms below. The price includes:

  • Coffee / Tea at the meet and greet

  • Lunch

  • Transportation around the city

  • Nick and Johns 14 years of combined property development experience


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What is a Developers Day?

A: it is a day where we tour various property development projects which have been sourced by Pegasus Property, and are being renovated by Pegasus Properties chosen building teams, with Nick and John the directors of Pegasus Property project managing the renovations.


When is the next tour?

We only do tours every 3-4 months. The next tour is early March, and then every 3-4 months after then. See our homepage for more information www.pegasuspg.com


How does it work?

You make your payment and your name gets added to the list. You will then get an introductory E-mail containing all the information you require. 1 week before the tour you will be sent a pack which will contain all of the information on the properties you will be seeing. You will also get this pack in a print out for when you attend the tour.


What is different about your tour over other peoples courses/tours?

The difference is, the tour is delivered by two active property developers, who live and breath property on a daily basis. All content will be fresh, and real. Nick and John are not after your business and are doing these tours as a way of giving back to the property community. Nick and John have sourced over 2 million pounds worth of property and have over 20 development projects in the last 12 months ranging from 4 bedroom HMOs right up to new builds and commercial to residential conversions.


What kind of properties will we see?

Large and medium sized HMOs (4-15 bed), new builds, and commercial to residential conversions such as pubs to flat conversions.


Will I need PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Yes, Pegasus Property will provide high vis jackets / hard hats but you will need to bring your own safety boots. All sites are active building sites, however you will be driven full health and safety briefs before entering every site. A member of team will carry a first aid kit and we always have a level 3 qualified first aider in our team for tours.